Accommodation in Iceland

Find the best price for accommodation in Iceland for you holiday. We offer all kinds of lodging such as apartments, guest houses, bed and breakfast mostly family owned and operated. Whether you are travelling in a group or a small party, accommodations in Reykjavik or Akureyri - we have the accommodation for you.

Nordic Holidays ltd. (Iceland) provides independent booking services, authorized and fully licensed by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

Useful information about Iceland

Geography of Iceland

Iceland is located on the Arctic Circle in the North Atlantic, and is the second largest island in Europe, with an area of 103,000 square kilometers or 39,769 square miles (more)

Climate in Iceland

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland has rather mild, coastal weather due to the effect of the golf stream. The average summer temperature in the capital Reykjavik is 10.6°C/51°F in July (more)

History of Iceland

According to ancient written sources, the Norwegian chieftain and viking Ingolfur Arnarson was the first permanent settler in Iceland in 872 (more)

Icelandic Language

Icelandic is one of the Nordic languages, resembles the Norse language as it was spoken centuries ago. Icelandic is the official language and is used almost exclusively in all areas of daily life in Iceland (more)

Different types of Accommodation in Iceland

Apartments in Iceland

Rent your private apartment in Reykjavik or another city in Iceland and enjoy the luxury of a private accommodation. There are luxury studio apartments and larger family apartments that can accommodate several guests. The apartments are fully furnished and have well equipped kitchen facilities. Some of the apartments are located downtown Reykjavik, in the main shopping district, others are in quiet residential areas.

Guest House in Iceland

If you prefer cheep but friendly accommodation guest house is probably what you are looking for. In central Reykjavík there are many small guesthouses that offer comfortable, relaxing rooms with friendly hospitality, within a few minutes walking distance of the Reykjavik centre and main shopping area. There are also many guesthouses in quiet residential areas with easy access to places of interest. The guesthouses of Reykjavik offer a wide variety of rooms and services. There are single, double and triple rooms, studio apartments and suites. Some offer self-catering facilities. Outside Reykjavík, there are small family-run guesthouses all around Iceland.

Bed and Breakfast

Similar to guest houses, bed and breakfast (b&b) in Iceland offers a cheap but friendly accommodation with breakfast included. Bed and breakfast, like guest houses, tends to be owner managed with limited staff presence.


Cabins are very popular in Iceland. Many Icelanders own cabins and spend their weekends away from the city in a relaxing environment located in beautiful surroundings. Most of the cabins in Iceland are equipped with most of needs of the modern world such as kitchen equipment, TV, heating, Jacuzzi, and bathroom.


Budget accommodation where you can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory with shared facilities such as bathroom, lounge and kitchen. Hostels are popular in Iceland and are available in most parts of the country.

Private House

The perfect privacy. Rent your own private house in Iceland and live like an Icelander. Most of the private houses available for rent come fully equipped and can sleep up to 10 persons.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping-bag accommodation is a super cheap option for those who are touring Iceland on a budget. Many hotels, guesthouses, farmhouses and camping grounds around Iceland offer convenient sleeping bag accommodation in cabins, rooms and dormitories.